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Store Cheng Sim Yi

Store Cheng Sim Yi

Store Cheng Sim Yi As a dessert ice makeover related heating and cooling is a dessert with a variety of items at the store about 40-50 large. People want to shop for a cool dessert. Come and eat from noon. Until midnight thread

Great late night desserts that are decorated with the slogan shaved ice shop Cheng Shimi, rumored release vociferously Lower trim.

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Soi Sukhumvit 49, Sukhumvit 103 this field and has many branches.

Contact Number

02-214-0612, 089-770-2618, 081-685-8777

Credit Cards



Less than 100 Baht


No Parking

Store is open

12:00-00:00 น.

Popular Restaurants

Location  Chokchai 4 Road, Bangkok (the side opposite Sim Seng soy).

Crepes, milk Juthaporn.

Crepes, milk, flour, black front Sheriff (Charcoal).


Popular Restaurants

Location  68 Sri Ayudhaya Road, Soi Sri Ayudhaya 21 (Devet), Vachiraphayabaan, Dusit, Bangkok 10300

Steve Café & Cuisine

Small cozy waterfront atmosphere XVI in vacuum atmosphere. The romantic part of Thailand, he is in the family. Authentic taste of Thailand By traveling this must drive into the temple Thewarat Koonchorn. I went to the shop