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Papaya salad healthy food on the way ...

20 สิงหาคม 2559

Thailand believe that anyone would ever eat salad and many more.

People just love the noir of the need to eat salad.

Or buy a home to eat it …

Did you know that the delicious spicy to mind it.

Papaya contains many nutrients and benefits that you might not expect.

Salad is a dish of herbs. Rich vegetables.

Each of which is useful and necessary to the functioning of the body.

This can be roughly classified as follows:

– Papaya contains treat diabetes. High Blood Pressure

And lipid disorders. It also includes Papain (Papain).

Which is able to digest meat very well.

– Tomatoes are good for your skin makes your skin glow.

– A spicy paprika pituitary.

Digestive and carminative stomach. It also helps the appetite

– Garlic has effects similar to paprika to taste spicy.

Moreover, to help digest meat very well.

It also reduces cholesterol and blood sugar as well.

– Lemon cough expectorants scurvy. And purify

– Olive dysentery cure scurvy allows neck junction thirst.

Bile and helps to normal.

This size advantage But the energy that the body was not high as well.

The ingredients The salad had a medicinal plant. There are relatively low in calories.

Suitable for girls Want to lose weight

Green papaya salad advantage as the West.

Only tasty and useful than that.

Tips on how to eat a healthy salad.

The view is to choose, cook and clean. Also one should avoid very spicy papaya salad.

It may be a cause of liver disease, kidney disease.