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Minced pork omelet with rice worth more than deliciousness

20 สิงหาคม 2559



Minced pork omelet with rice is one of the popular street foods of all time because every house seems to keep at less a dozen on eggs in the fridge, regardless of chicken’s or duck’s. Moreover, the dish is easy to cook. The method and mean is not difficult and we can add seasoning as we like too.

The cooking method is basic. Just crack the egg into a bowl and whisk it thoroughly. Add sauce and pepper. Or you can even add your favorite vegetables but you need to cut them into small pieces, so that it tastes better and easy to chew. (The taste shall base on personal preference.)

After that add the minced pork into the whisked egg and mix them thoroughly. Then put the pan on the stove and pour some oil. Wait until the oil is heated and then pour the mixed egg into the pan. If you want a fluffy and crispy omelet, I suggest you to wait until the oil is heated before pour the mixed egg into the pan.

If you do not want to cook minced pork omelet with rice by yourself and want to test the others’ cooking, you can find this dish at almost every restaurant. In addition this menu is easy to find, convenient, fast to cook and do not have to wait too long. It also helps to make you full all day.

After we talked how good it tastes, let’s talk about the nutrients of this dish.

** 1 dish of minced pork omelet**

– Total energy 684 Kcal

– Total fat 62.8 g

– Sodium 1112 mg

– Potassium 356 mg

– Protein 27.6 g

– Cholesterol 426 mg

Apart from that, if we want to get more nutrients, we have to consume other additional foods such as vegetable in order to get mineral and vitamin into the body. Because eating vegetable helps to improve working system of stomach and, most importantly, it makes you strong. Another thing you cannot miss is drinking a lot of clean water in order to hydrate the body, support metabolism and help to strengthen to fight with the work.

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