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Dessert_ Steamed custard with sticky rice, tasty and good-looking

20 สิงหาคม 2559


“Steamed custard with sticky rice” is a tasty Thai dessert that both Thai people and foreigner love. It is popular among the foreigners. Thai steamed custard with sticky rice is influences by the Portugal and Thai people adapted the taste to be delicious and outstanding in Thai style and when we talk about the tastiness, let’s get to know the popular steamed custard with sticky rice shop in Thailand.

First shop “Steamed custard with sticky rice at Kim Yong Market”

This morning we shall get up early to visit Kim Yong Market at Hadyai District, Songkla which is a large market for souvenirs and gifts in the South. At Kim Yong Market, there are a lot of foods and most importantly we shall visit this shop to buy steamed custard with sticky rice.

The uniqueness of the steamed custard with sticky rice of this shop is the coconut topping that use grated coconut flesh mixed with sugar. It is sweet and smells good. It crunchy and rich which is can get along well. There are many kind of sticky rice to choose, which are white sticky rice, black sticky rice, yellow sticky rice, wild yam sticky rice. If you want to be healthy, you can choose butterfly pea sticky rice… Let’s try it.

Shop Location :
Kim Yong Market, Sang Artit Road, Hadyai Sub-district, Hadyai District, Songkla 90110
Tel.  087-396-9509 Open 00.04 -19.00 hrs.

Second shop “Sticky rice with coconut milk at Gor.Panich Shop”

This shop is famous for the tastiness for more than 80 years and there are many TV program and newspaper shooting at the shop until the shop become popular until now. Therefore, the tastiness is guaranteed with the balanced taste of salty, sweet and rich, impressed by dessert tester all over the world.

The customers who come to visit will get fresh and warm sticky rice with coconut milk every time. Oh ! It smells very nice. (You can imagine it.) There are a lot of toppings to choose such as, sweet shrimp, fish, steamed custard. Oh! There are a lot. Let’s choose it by yourself.

If you want to try it … please visit :
431-433 Prang Phutorn, behind Ministry of Interior, Bann Tanao Road, Pra Nakorn, Bangkok 10200
One daily on 07.00 –18.00 hrs.

Third shop “Aunt Sang’s Steamed custard with sticky rice original shop, Sankampang market”

When visit Sankampang market in Chiangmai, we shall visit this shop to buy steamed custard with sticky rice. It is tasty, sweet and smells nice with the taste of a little bit of sweetness and rich coconut milk. Oh!! This is the tastiest. Every mouthful that I ate makes me very happy.

Apart from that there are a lot of desserts to choose. Whenever you visit Sankampang market, please do not forget to try them.

Shop location : Sankampang market, Sankampang sub-district, Sankampang district, Chiangmai 50130
Shop information:
Shop information:
Shop information: