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Khao Yam high nutritional benefits ...

20 สิงหาคม 2559

“Khao Yam” delicious famed Southern. Eat breakfast Or lunch

Cause called Khao Yam

Due to take herbal ingredients and flavoring such.

Placed in a dish with hot jasmine rice. Time will it be “spicy”.

The ingredients together well, then pour the salad with the original.

Budu called into the mix. Khao Yam, making out with a slightly salty flavor.

It’s a little spicy, lightly sour taste ideal if you have to try the authentic style Khao Yam.

You will find time to eat again. I love the taste of course


* The illustrations are just examples Khao Yam

Ingredients may vary depending on local recipes and ingredients.

In addition to delicious Khao Yam also have high nutritional value.

Healthy ingredients with a variety of vegetables, herbs.

Let’s see if you eat one dish Khao Yam What benefits does to our bodies.

– Toasted coconut tonic lotion and tendons as well.

It also helps to heal the bone as well.

– Lentils are nutrient-dense.

The activation of the stomach and intestines periodic maintenance.

– Fresh sprouts strengthen the immune system of the body.

Fiber helps the digestive system to normal.

– Sour mango pituitary impregnate neck.

– Chilli powder Peper The appetite digest

And the effect of the wind in the abdomen.

– Spicy galangal low profile A strong wind in the abdominal tract.

And help detoxify the blood in the uterus.

– Minced lemongrass, upset stomach and wind as well.

– Kaffir lime leaves, smell the food, making food even more.

The medicinal properties to cure scurvy expel intestinal.

The crowd in the abdomen.

Thai Street Food Want Thailand healthy. And the review is always good …

And a menu that we’d recommend it. “Khao Yam Southerner”

May be rare in some other localities. Or the big city

But Khao Yam in the south is street food that can be eaten generally tasty.

And rich nutrition.