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Noodles ... Street Food

20 สิงหาคม 2559

“Noodles” Street Food taste of Thailand. Served with a variety of fresh vegetables.

It is known that a widely eaten anywhere. Since most restaurants

According to the woman hawker street … you know? We will call this the noodles.

U do not have to come from China. But a separate Mon.

Mon language as it is called – Nom – China than it sounds crazy to erode.

Became the noodles to this day there.

Call for noodles, no problem. But for the common man (Foreigners and even larger).

Each of the noodles to be confused puzzled. The call was wrong

The shape is very similar, But I also do not meet some of the other Thai Street.

Food and look at all the names of the various types of noodles too.

Do not have time to mellow. And the noodles that you like.

Water snake noodles – noodles are popular among the people taking over.

Salty, spicy, sweet, mellow flavor Curry is an oily red orange waggle one’s head.

Basically put pork and pig’s blood into a protein.

Highlights of the water snake noodles with tomatoes and flowers opera.

If you see these two flags that are noodles and tortuous course.

Wild water noodles – called liquid wood. It must be filled with herbs and spices, hot.

Liquid Jungle Curry is a not very thick. The colors of peppers and spices clearly.

Put the fish fillets, garlic, galangal, ginger, chili and more correspondents to fish.

The precipitation may leave fish settle. People need a good lap before pouring.

I like spicy noodles, try to force plastic jungle.


Noodles and coconut water – a popular fish to enter information into the wild, as well as liquid.

But the ingredients are pounded or blender until combined.

And coconut milk to make a thick, smooth texture even more. Also wear down the fish.

Noodles liquid milk will taste slightly lighter fluid forest.

But it has come up with the milk.

Spicy noodles –

Looks like noodles, but often have a brownish liquid, rather than a floating nut inside.

It is a type of noodles that takes the longest. And most perplexing It’s chili

It has a sweet taste salty. Suitable for people of all ages. (I do not eat)

It has the sweetness of the coconut milk and nuts into.

The liquid mixture served with a spicy flavor. Also delicious are good

In addition to the foregoing, the noodles. We also have different types of curry.

Like noodles topped with chicken curry and beef kidney.

Not yet tasty noodles recipe …