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From the ancient people usually bring fruits to cook as containing natural sour taste from pineapple without adding monosodium glutamate. Pineapple is sweet and sour fruit that popular cook in clear yellow curry soup. Adding pork as ingredient will be placed in stir-fry recipe.


Nutrition facts

Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber; its anti-inflammatory properties include the reduction of swelling and bruising and helping to clean up damaged cells. Bromelain enzyme seems to work for a production of substances that fight against pain and reduce swelling, and it contains chemicals that prevent the blood from clotting.



200 grams pineapple, diced

80 grams bacon, diced

5 gramsgarlic, crushed

Fish sauce, salt and sugar



Zone Central

Woon-Kati ( Creamy coconut with pandan jelly )

  Background Woon is a sweet and creamy jelly dessert that easy to find in Thai dessert shop. The texture of woon is similar to chewy jelly but woon has thicker texture. Thai people prefer to add salt as its taste can balance the sweetness. The creamy coconut top layer is both delicious, and pleasing to the eyes with creative presentation.   Nutrition facts Woon is extracted from seaweed that called “ Agar ” which contains iodine. It helps woon texture more stable as well. From its layer ingredients mixed with more coconut milk , we should beware of eating in high amount. 1oo G of Woon-kati contains 133 Kcal.   Jelly Ingredients 1 tablespoon gelatine powder 2 ¼ cups jasmine floated water ½ cup sugar Pandan juice or food coloring essence   Coconut cream ingredients 1 tablespoon gelatin powder 2 ¼ cups coconut cream ¼ cup sugar 2 teaspoons salt    


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LaabPlaDuk (Catfish in Spicy Condiment with Herbs)ลาบปลาดุก

History LaabPlaDuk (Catfish in Spicy Condiment with Herbs)is a dish cooked by using catfish for more flavour and nutrition. The taste of catfish differs from other type of meat because of its soft texture and savouring taste.   Nutrition Facts Catfishis high in proteinand low in fat, galangal help the digestive system, shallot improves the immune system and is healthy for  the heart, parsley maintain strong  bones and teeth, peppermint leaves nourish the eye’s vision and relief stress, leeks prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol in the vascular.   Ingredients One 300 grams catfish 2 teaspoons shredded kaffir lime leaves 1 tablespoon pounded galangal 10 grams sliced shallots 1 tablespoon sliced leeks 1 tablespoon roughly sliced parsley 10grams peppermint leaves 2 tablespoons roasted rice 1 tablespoon cayenne chili 2 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons lime juice    


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Soup Knor Mai (Bamboo Shoot Spicy Salad)ซุปหน่อไม้

Background In Isan, bamboo shoots are commonly eaten. Bamboo shoot flavors the dish as well as loaded with valuable nutrients.   Nutrition Facts Bamboo shoot contains high fiber, very beneficial for the excretory system. Moreover, Bai-ya-nang orTiliacoratriandra leaves increase the immune system   Ingredients 150 grams Boiled bamboo shoots 2 cups Bai-ya-nang juice  orTiliacoratriandra 15 grams sliced shallots 1 tablespoon sliced leeks 1 tablespoon roughly sliced parsley 10 grams peppermint leaves 2 tablespoons roasted rice 3 tablespoons cayenne chili 2 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons lime juice