Want to know the details of the kitchen Thailand to  kitchen world?

Answer: In 2548, the government has set a target in the development of Thailand is one of the world’s Kitchen (Kitchen of the World) because Thailand is a rich source of food. Moreover, Thailand is a world-renowned restaurant. And is popular among foreigners. Besides outstanding flavor already. Thailand Food also represents creativity. The delicately beautiful The composition of the ingredients that are beneficial to health. Hard to find any nation has equaled. The government’s policy to promote Thailand as a popular food among consumers internationally. The aim is to carry out a systematic expansion of food markets and restaurants, Thailand Thailand has a lot of good quality. The impact on the creation of a positive image of the country. As well as promoting tourism in Thailand. Exports of food products and other goods. Public industries The OTOP goods from the Institute and the Department of Export Promotion has undertaken to support the development and promotion of the restaurant. Thailand abroad continued until the present appearance of the restaurant, Thailand abroad increased by more than 11,000 stores and has set a goal to expand the number of stores increased to 15,000 in 2550-2551 do more. Can be found at www.thaifoodrestaurant.com

Want to know the history of the Institute of Food?

A: The Food Institute, established by the Cabinet on October 15, 2539 order of the Ministry of Industry and the 440/2539 dated November 28, 2539 in the form of a corporate network. Ministry of Industry To provide academic services. Technical Engineering And Knowledge As well as research policy To promote the competitiveness of the industry Meet the needs of the public and private sectors.

Interested institutional food service How to contact?

Answer: The interest of institutional food service. If contact can have multiple channels. You can contact us via the website. www.nfi.or.th Contact Us page Or at the telephone number 02 886 8088, followed by the extension number as follows: – Research Policy 3109 – Research Spring Chantal criteria Food 3119 – Analysis Services industry 3117 – Evaluation System industry standards (eg HACCP, GMP, BRC. and ISO / IEC 17025, etc.) 2100-2120 – service training from 2201 to 2209 – 5501 laboratory testing services expertise – chemical and microbiological analysis services 5312, 5320 – Temperature Distribution and Heat Penetration testing for food in the container. packing sealed 2307-2308 – calibration Services 5321 also can come in contact with officials at the National Food Institute at 2008 36th Lane Arun Amarin, Arun Amarin. Kwang Yi Khan Bang Phlat, Bangkok 10700

What is the vision of the institution The roles and responsibilities of the institutions in the present?

A: The Food Institute’s vision is: The Food Institute is a leading enterprise in the value (Value Creation) to the food industry of Thailand, was established. Both at home and abroad with excellent service.

What Institutional food service?

A: The Food Institute is currently available in three main areas include research and information services include research department policy. Conduct policy To support the industrial development of the country and within the guidelines of the state. As well as production, research and academic work as a source of reference for the industrial sector of the country. Food Research Division Which is responsible for promoting and supporting research to provide food in the form of adding value to agricultural and food products that meet the needs of the global market. Information and analytical department Acting collect, analyze, synthesize and disseminate insights and useful for the modern public and private sectors. The data utilized in various fields such as trade negotiations. The preparation of the decision in terms of trade. To increase competitiveness, and laboratory services, consisting of four main service is the textile, chemical, microbiological testing. Calibration and testing expertise to ensure that the food products to the market that quality, safe and free of contaminants and residues in. Support and cooperation of the scientific laboratories of both public and private, to increase the capacity to test food products. As well as providing advice and technical assistance in order to confirm the results. The launch issue of the detention of foreign food products Thailand Outreach. contain with Services Consulting Quality System has been recognized internationally as GMP, HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO / IEC 17025, the Clean Technology and Training Services by experts in each field. The course meets the requirements of the public and private sectors (Public Training) and the needs of each organization (In-House Training) and engineering services that provide technical consultation such pipeline the heat dissipation of the boiler killed. infection And testing services for the insertion rate.